About My Empire Investment & Trading Ltd.

MEIT’s presence in the Indian business landscape hopes to rewrite the books on how to partner in India's phenomenal business growth due to the government's relentless drive to push infrastructures spending in India and how to take advantage of the multiple opportunities and the growing ease of business culture in India. Take a tour of our website to see how affordable pricing, transparent offerings, and clearly defined deliverables can help your organization find success.

Every day government makes decisions with far-reaching implications for businesses, industries, and communities. And having a dedicated & experienced consulting and advocacy partner like us is a critical component in advocating on your behalf to important stakeholders in the regulatory, political, financial and business landscape.

Having the right advisors at your disposal will ensure timely responses to government actions impacting your organization, and can facilitate beneficial earmarks, stimulus funding, and/or positive regulatory impact. Our service offerings are tailored to meet every organization's needs. Whether you want to establish an Indian presence, or monitor important issues at the national or state level, grow your presence in the Indian marketplace, or try to directly understand legislation, regulations and processes for your industry by connecting with the decision makers in the government or financial institutions or regulators, or if you wish to effectively partner with organizations in India or if you simply want to navigate the India marketplace professionally and effectively our cost-effective service tiers provide the most affordable and value-driven options in the industry.

Our Journey

My Empire Investments and Trading Corporation was established in May 2014 through the vision and ambition of Upendra Fedujwar. Upendra believed that developing long term relationships would achieve a long-lasting client base with Finance opportunities that would benefit a wide spectrum of clients with a variety of Financial and Services Programs.

Mr. Fedujwar also envisioned that having valuable contacts could be merged into a consortium of institutions that will provide the financial strengths that would provide Project Financing and Project Programs to suit each client's requirements.

He recognized early in the formation of the Firm that a deficiency existed with start-ups firms seeking Project Funding in the $10-$100 million-dollar range and to provide a wide range of integrated and innovative services.

Finance Programs and offerings are tailored to meet every organization’s needs; whether you want to establish an India Presence, or the International Market we have value-driven options in the Finance Industry.

About Empire Stone Energy Pvt. Ltd.

The Company was incorporated on 4th March 2014 with the name ‘Empire Stone Energy Pvt. Ltd.’, registered with the ROC Mumbai, Maharashtra vide Company Incorporation No. U74999MH2014PTC253819. The main objective of the firm is to provide Consulting Services.

The company's objective is to be appointed as financial, management and administrative consultants to various corporations. Our aim as consultants to various types of organizations including commercial, social or governmental is to provide advice, consultancy and guidance in areas such as administration, financial, operations, technical, quality control & risk management systems.

We as consultants also liaison and assist in various development areas of such entities as preparation of revenue & capital budgets, development of funds, long term and short term planning & utilization of resources. We also advise on Medium to Long-term financial policies and risk control and also act as agents, consultant, advisor & guide to raise all types of bank, institutional or any other type of finance. With our proven expertise in management, marketing, financial and communication skills we assess the needs of the clients and based on their requirements and basis thus we provide bespoke services to them so that the clients can prioritize and attain their goals.

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Mission Vision

We are committed to providing superior service to our clients. Our mission is to define win-win solutions between our clients and their stakeholders be that clients, investors, vendors, employees, management and the society at large. These win-win solutions need to drive immense goodwill for our clients and brand them as positive, contributing and ethical organizations within the industries they operate in. Our expertise should be able to help them manage their business ethically, sincerely and at the lowest possible cost and to allow them to partner with and pitch for businesses to increase their share of the market.
To be the best provider of quality consulting service in terms of financial administrative, operational and management advise to all companies with whom we engage with in order to help them achieve their stated desired objectives.